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How to LOVE Paris in November

October 29, 2013 | | 0 Comments

It’s cold, it’s damp and it’s definitely NOT high season but Paris is November is delightfully “tourist-free.” That, my friends, is worth its weight in gold. More...

Markets in Sydney, Australia

October 28, 2013 | | 0 Comments

Sydney, Australia is the most populated city in all of Australia, it has world-renowned attractions, luxury hotels, fancy restaurants, gorgeous parks, and lets not forget about the Koalas and Kangaroos. It is a city of many things of course it also home to a few lovely markets where locals buy everything from food to jewelry, souvenirs and more. Here are three must visit markets in Sydney. More...

Why You Should Visit St. Johns this Fall

October 27, 2013 | | 0 Comments

In my opinion, fall is the best season to book a trip to St. John’s. You might miss the prime whale watching and iceberg seasons, but you aren’t guaranteed any of those things, anyway. The autumn months in eastern Canada are always consistently warm, sunny, and dry, unlike summer, which can be unpredictable. More...

4 Things to Eat in Greece

October 26, 2013 | | 0 Comments

I’ve always loved Greek food and was really looking forward to trying the authentic fare when I visited Greece for the first time. As per any experience, some of it was crap, but most of the meals were divine. Even the humble yet tasty Gyro didn’t disappoint, and that is pretty well the cheapest meal you can find in Greece. And did you know they put French fries in their Gyro in Greece? … More...

The Newest and Best Tech Gear for Travel

October 25, 2013 | | 1 Comments

Technology is constantly changing and becoming better and in turn technology is also helping us travel better. Whether it’s staying better connected with family and friends back home or people you meet on the road or its new unique ways to share your travels or just staying charged up, there are a few current must haves that you should pack with you or have downloaded for your next trip. More...

How to Celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico City

October 24, 2013 | | 0 Comments

Between November 1 and 2, 2013, Mexico City will be celebrating the Day of the Dead, an annual celebration of colourful altars and offerings and huge festive events to honor deceased relatives and friends. Want to immerse yourself in a little Mexican culture? This is the place to do it. More...

Toledo Makes for a Great Day Trip

October 23, 2013 | | 0 Comments

Toledo is a really cool city just half-hour away from Madrid, Spain by train. What makes it so interesting is that it’s been inhabited by Christians, Jews and Arabs over the past few centuries which makes for an interesting mix of cultures that’s especially evident in the architecture. More...

Vancouver’s Chinatown Where Old Meets New

October 22, 2013 | | 0 Comments

Vancouver is home to Canada’s largest Chinatown. It used to be a bustling hub for the Chinese community (and still is to an extent) but in recent years the city of Richmond has kind of taken over as the city’s official “go-to” place for all things Chinese. Richmond is also where you’ll find the largest population of Chinese people, restaurants and shops, so many places in Chinatown have moved or gone out of business because of lack of demand. More...

Don’t Drink and Drive in Portland

October 21, 2013 | | 0 Comments

And you won’t have any excuse if you take a Brewvana tour! Jump aboard the mini and bus and let Brewvana take care of the rest. There’s nothing better than having a designated driver for the night, especially when you’re going on a craft beer tasting hop! (Pun intended.) It’s hard to enjoy your beer when you have the threat of roadblocks on your mind. More...

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