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Top Five Canadian Tourism Facebook Pages

March 16, 2011 | | 3 Comments

Top Five Canadian Tourism Facebook Pages, Flickr: benstein

What's Your Favorite Canadian Facebook Page?

If there is one thing Canadian Tourism people know how to do right, then it’s Social Media. Facebook has taken over the world and Canadian tourism sites have hopped on the bandwagon with some great, interactive and informative Facebook Pages. Here is my list of the Top Five Canadian Tourism Facebook Pages (in no particular order):

The Canadian Tourism Comission: These guys represent all of Canada so of course they have made it to this list. There are cute questionnaires like their current Canada VS Australia one that also helps you learn facts about this great country. Also they have some wicked videos that will make you book that next ticket to Canada no matter where you may end up.


Nova Scotia:  They have some pretty eye catching videos, I really enjoy the ones with all the yummy seafood. Right now they are running a competition where you send in an audition video and say why you love Nova Scotia and what you love about it, and you can win a chance of starring in your very own commercial for Nova Scotia. (Being a Nova Scotian I am definitely applying).

Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism: Not afraid to poke fun at their odd half hour time difference from the rest of the world or their funny named communities like “Conception,” the Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism Facebook site is one that definitely sticks out to me. They are extremely interactive, have a good handle on how to do a Facebook page right and also have a lot of great photos.

Ontario Tourism: Very similar to all the rest, the one thing that stands out to me about the Ontario Tourism site is that you can actually download a guide to the province right from the Facebook page without having to find it on their website.

Travel Alberta: Alberta is home to the famous Banff Squirrel of Lake Louise, Alberta. Winter time is when this province shines and as you can see from their Facebook page it is all snow, snow and more snow. They feature some great videos and photos of winter outdoor activities that can be done in Alberta and they are also running a contest where you can submit your best photo and win a pair of skis or a snowboard!

One thing I like about Tourism websites having Facebook Pages is that I feel it is a more personable way of contacting them and it shows me that they really want to connect with their visitors by being more interactive. Canada is full of great tourism Facebook pages and websites, but these definitely make the Top Five.

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