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Facts about Sable Island, Nova Scotia

July 29, 2011 | | 0 Comments

Facts About Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Flickr: bernadettemacphersonmorris

Sable Island Horses

Located 300kms off the cost of Nova Scotia, this small 34km squared island is home to no more than five people annually. These five people are made up of researchers and Environment Canada employees. In the summer time other workers, photographers, filmmakers and even a few tourists visit, however it is required to gain permission from the Canadian Coast Guard.

Actually a large sandbar that scientists believe is moving east due to erosion on the west side moving new sand to the east side, Sable Island is crescent shaped. The reason this island is protected and there are constant researchers there is because of its frail ecology but also because of the horses. Most vegetation on the island is grass and other low lying plants. In the early 1900s there was an attempt to grow trees here, however all died. They attempted again in the 1960s and only one Scots pine survived and has grown only a few feet tall.

There are roughly 400 wild horses on the island as well, which is one of the things the island is most famous for. Sable island has been classified as wildlife preserve and no humans are allowed to interact or interfere with the horses. You can also find various species of birds and breeding harbour and grey seals.

Sable Island is also known for its shipwrecks. Over the years there have been known to be at least 350 shipwrecks caused by the island and the tumultuous weather that the area is known for. Along with shipwrecks come ghost stories and apparently Sable Island can be quite haunted from loves lost to lighthouse keepers and crotchety fishermen.

The area where the island is located 300km from Nova Scotia is known for having lots of oil and natural gas so if ever the need should arise the island is used as an evacuation station for people working on the nearby rigs.

It is assumed that in the next few years Canada will make the island a National Park to up its protection to preserve it for years to come.

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