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Traveling in Tanzania

August 24, 2011 | | 0 Comments

"The Longer You Travel, The More You Love"

Tanzania is one of those countries that grow on you, the longer you travel, the more you love it. In other words, don’t just go to Tanzania to see Mt. Kilimanjaro, holiday in Zanzibar or visit the Serengeti. Go to Tanzania to experience its diverse landscapes, its people, and its culture. Let the magic of Tanzania seep through your skin and into your soul.

Of the 120 different tribes that call Tanzania home, one of the more fascinating are the Maasai, who live in Northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya. Years ago, visiting a Maasai village was a unique and invaluable experience. Travels could learn about their local customs and traditions first hand. However, times have changed and the Maasai people have learned the value of the tourist dollar, making it nearly impossible to have an authentic experience. That being said, Tanzania (and the Maasai people) still hold a lot of appeal.

Visiting a village or marketplace is fabulous, but sitting down and ‘people watching’ is almost as fun. Clothing in Tanzania is bright and bold, and during the dry season people seem to ‘pop’ out of the landscape - particularly the women in their bright reds, oranges, yellows, blues and various bright coloured patterns.

Every town you pass offers a new glimpse into life in Tanzania. Due to the number of different tribes in the country, the houses and main buildings change from town to town. Many of the towns and villages look small, old and very worn down. Garbage litters the side of the road and vendors set up shop along the road to sell fruit, vegetables, sunglasses, candy and more.

In the marketplace you’ll be surrounded by all kinds of sights and smells. Vendors will try almost anything to get you to come into their shop to look and then start to pitch their wares in ernest. Fruit and vegetable sellers will sit in their stalls, watching you as you walk. Don’t let either of those things keep you from going. A marketplace is often the heart of a village or town. Sure, there may be some souvenir stalls set-up, but there are also many stalls selling kitchen supplies, fruit, vegetables and hardware. The marketplace is where the locals go and although your price will always be higher than theirs, it’s still a lot of fun to bargain.

In order to explore Tanzania and receive a full experience (without spending a lifetime within the country) your itinerary should be as diverse as the country itself. The Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park and Zanzibar are a must, but so are village markets and drives through the countryside. Dry season, or wet, Tanzania is a country that will capture the heart.


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